Cryo 6 air cooling - Zimmer

Cryo 6 air cooling - Zimmer
Cryo 6 air cooling - Zimmer
Cryo 6 air cooling - Zimmer
Cryo 6 air cooling - Zimmer
Cryo 6 air cooling - Zimmer

Cryo 6 air cooling - Zimmer

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Cryo 6 cold air device for cooling the epidermis before, during and after laser energy to minimize pain and provide safety against thermal injury during aesthetic procedures


Cryo 6 is the leading air cooling technology worldwide, for short & less painful treatments. The system enables Cryo Therapy with precise placement and at a constant dosage down to -30°C, every time through its practical features:


  1. Articulating Arm
    • Allows fixing hose direction on the treated area which enables the practitioner a hands-free use.
  • Zimmer Cryo 6 Hose
    • The Cryo 6 hose delivers cold air (down to -30°C) to the treatment area.
    • An optional focusing tip can be attached to the hose to provide a very controlled, spot cooling experience.
  1. Control Panel
    • A sophisticated and smart layout for easy use.
    • Single-touch buttons provide for easy adjustment of treatment time and therapy fan speed.
  2. Glass Top Platform
    • The Glass Top platform can accommodate other small therapy modalities or accessories.
    • The Cryo 6 flat Glass Top can support substantial weight, up to 75 lbs.
  3. Smart Design
    • Combines convenient storage and space-saving design.
    • The Cryo 6 offers smart styling and easy maintenance with a Plexiglas top, hands-free operation, 9 fan speeds, ergonomically designed touch keypad, and lightweight 6 in treatment hose.
  4. Easy Maintenance
    • Just once a week vacuuming the air filter and emptying the condensation collector makes for ultra-easy maintenance!
    • The Zimmer Cryo 6 device automatically performs an operational component self-maintenance check each time that the machine is powered on.



Zimmer USA
-30° C


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