Clarity 2 i-ICD - Coolant Canisters - 780 gm

Clarity II iICD - Coolant Canisters - 780 gm
Clarity II iICD - Coolant Canisters - 780 gm

Clarity 2 i-ICD - Coolant Canisters - 780 gm

UOM Box/12

Cooling cryogen gas (HFC 134a) for Clarity II series, automatically sprayed during laser treatment to ensure safe, effective & comfortable treatment


When compared to different cooling technologies, original iICD provides the best & most efficient performance that provides you with excellent results in hair removal, pigment & vascular lesions removal through:
  1. Selectively cooling the skin from the heat generated by laser without cooling the hair & affecting results as in other cooling techniques.
  2. Providing superior patient comfort by reaching lower cooling temperatures.
  3. The excellent protection allows using effective parameters to remove thin resistant hair, small vascular & pigmented lesions... which cannot be used with other cooling techniques.
  4. The automatic distribution of cooling provides the highest safety measures & enables the practitioner to finish the session quickly by using high repetition rates.
  5. It can finish more treatment per canister compared to other similar technologies in the market 

Original iICD gas assures a consistent number of spray bursts in each canister & protects from the incidence of side effects