1.5 mm Cartridge - Ultraformer MPT

ultraformer MPT 1.5mm cartridge
ultraformer MPT 1.5mm cartridge

1.5 mm Cartridge - Ultraformer MPT

UOM Each

The 1.5 mm cartridge from Ultraformer MPT provides a cost-effective 20,000 shots. It rejuvenates & tightens skin by targeting the dermis and stimulating new collagen synthesis


The 1.5 mm cartridge precisely focuses energy on dermis layers resulting in coagulation zones and leading to new collagen stimulation which rejuvenates & tightens skin, it is used with other cartridges for the following applications:


  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Enlarged pores
  • Crow's feet
  • Cheeks definition


Ultraformer MPT 1.5 mm cartridges represent the best cost-effectiveness choice by:


  1. 250% faster in MP mode
  2. Combining a high 20,000 shots/cartridge with the highest peak power.
  3. Designed with a small footprint to provide a clear vision of the treated area & enables single-hand usage.

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