Handyscope® - Smart Dermatoscope

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Handyscope® - Smart Dermatoscope

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Handyscope is a smart dermatoscopy device that can be attached to most smartphones or tablets and combines cutting-edge polarized & non-polarized optics with futuristic Artificial Intelligence capabilities integrated into the companion app.

Price AED 3,600.00


Handyscope is the brainchild of the collaboration between DermLite the American inventors of polarized handheld dermatoscopy & Fotofinder the German leaders in the field of digital skin analysis. The device is compact & portable which allows taking your diagnostic tool anywhere.

•    Technology:
Polarized & Non-polarized digital skin dermatoscopy

•    Features:
  1. See the smallest structures:
    • Clear images with detailed skin structures are afforded by up to 20X zoom obtained by superb optics & state-of-the-art digital image processing.
  2. AI-assisted diagnosis (optional):
    • Risk assessment of melanocytic and non-melanocytic skin lesions using the FotoFinder AI Assistant, which is backed by numerous studies.
  3. Getting a second opinion couldn’t be easier:
    • You can easily share highly detailed images with your colleagues or specialist to get a second opinion in a matter of seconds.
  4. Globally renowned consultants at your fingertips (optional):
    • The app provides the option to get remote consultation from some of the world’s most adept & experienced consultants when needed.
  5. Patient history anywhere & anytime:
    • Encrypted storage of images and data in the free app organized by the patient’s name and data to be able to review them when needed.
  6. Compact & Wireless Dermatoscope:
    • The device is light & durable to be pocketable and can be taken anywhere, especially for doctors who move between clinics.
  7. Compatible with virtually any mobile device:
    • There is no need to get a dedicated smart device. Use it with your mobile phone or any tablet laying around in the clinic.
  8. Always ready for use:
    • It lasts through hundreds of exams thanks to its built-in lithium-ion battery that can be charged using any USB-C cable & provides 4 levels of charge indicators.

•    Applications:
Diagnose skin lesions and diseases of the scalp, hair, and nails.

•    Package includes:
Handyscope smartphone-dermatoscopy
MCC™ adapter
2 Snap-on glass front panels
3 MagnetiConnect rings
Ring adapter
3 sets of adhesive strips for the ring 
Soft case with lanyard
5 IceCap disposable protective caps 
USB to USB-C charging cable
Instructions for use



Derma Tools
DermLite / FotoFinder

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