Dermapal - UVB

Dermapal - UVB
Dermapal - UVB
Dermapal - UVB
Dermapal - UVB
Dermapal - UVB

Dermapal - UVB

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Home phototherapy for management of psoriasis, vitiligo and other conditions using ultraviolet light. Few minutes treatment, few times a week for excellent improvement

Price BD 382.50


Dermapal is a narrowband UVB home phototherapy unit that is designed for easy daily usage by patients from home. It provides you with an excellent solution to stay on top of managing psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, and other conditions.
  • Features:
  1. Easy application: Dermapal is designed to be used by the patient, its light and slim applicator allows for easy access during self-treatment
  2. Effective: Dermapal UV lamps provide high energy output for excellent results and shorter treatment.
  3. Optimal safety: Dermapal treatment is safe for the majority of patients, including children, pregnant women & immuno-compromised patients
  4. Precise treatment: Dermapal automatically keeps the distance to the skin fixed for constant and precise treatment. Besides, its comb-applicator design allows for a simple scalp treatment.
  5. Automatic dosing: Dermapal is equipped with a digital timer for an automated treatment dose
  6. Never miss a treatment: It weighs less than 1 KG and comes with a travelling bag to allow for easy transportation anywhere
  • Applications:
Psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, atopic dermatitis, redness, and flaking
  • Package includes:
Dermapal unit + Applicator + UV protective eyewear + carrying case

Dermapal power & results resemble professional equipment & hence it should be recommended by your doctor.





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