Frax Pro System 1940

Frax Pro System 1940
Frax Pro System 1940
Frax Pro System 1940
Frax Pro System 1940

Frax Pro System 1940

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Frax Pro 1940 is a Non-ablative fractional platform that treats skin conditions that require resurfacing with marked safety. It is ideal for toning large areas


  • Technology: 1940nm fractional Thulium
  • Modalities: Non-ablative fractional Thulium 1940nm with penetration depth of 80-200µ for the management of fine lines, diffused pigment, and superficial scars
  • Features:
    1. Non-ablative fraction treatments allow achieving effective skin resurfacing and toning for all skin types
    2. Scalable system that allows for future addition of 1550 nm wavelength to expand on the treatment options.
    3. Reusable tips that can be autoclaved to minimize the running cost.
    4. Soft Cool system that makes the treatment session pass like a breeze.
    5. Parameters that can be customized for each case's needs by controlling density, scanner width and pulse duration.
    6. Magnetic speed sensor that allows for hassle-free treatment and stops shooting when the movement speed is too slow & gives an audible alarm when it is too fast.
  • Applications: diffused pigments, fine wrinkles, skin rejuvenation and texture improvement, pores reduction and superficial scars.
  • Package includes: delivery & installation + clinical training + 12 months warranty + marketing startup kit + access to digital service & eLearning applications





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