Laser Goggles - Fractional lasers

Fractional laser goggles
Fractional laser goggles
Fractional laser goggles
Fractional laser goggles

Laser Goggles - Fractional lasers

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Laser safety operator goggles suitable for various fractional laser types. Widely used with scars, wrinkles, rejuvenation, and other applications

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High quality certified safety eyewear for laser treatments that filters out the wavelengths that could be absorbed by the practitioner's eyes during the session.


The operator goggles are made of highly durable polycarbonate & provide you with multiple unique usability features:

  1. High protection by OD (optical density) of: 4+ @950~1050nm and 5+ @1050~1500nm and 4+ @1500~2300nm and 4+ 2940~5200nm and 5+ @10,600nm.
  2. Large lens design for maximum visibility & safety.
  3. Scratch-resistant, break-resistant.
  4. Comfortable wide frame allows wearing it over prescription glasses/spectacles.


Suitable for:

  • Er:GLASS (1550nm).
  • Thulium (1927nm).
  • Er:YAG (2940nm).
  • CO2 (10,600nm).



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