TargetCool Set

TargetCool Set
TargetCool Set
TargetCool Set
TargetCool Set

TargetCool Set


TargetCool is a novel approach to instant management of pain, bleeding and swelling during aesthetic injections utilizing automated controlled cooling 

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TargetCool with its patented automated controlled cooling consistently reaches the preset cooling temperature to minimize common injections complications and achieve instantaneous numbing effect
  • Technology:
Liquid CO2 cryogenic anesthesia using automated controlled cooling
  • Features:
  1. New revenue stream: Increase the revenue of your existing treatment by 10% or more through offering premium services of ColdToxin, ColdFillers, ColdBoosters …Coldinjections 
  2. Immediate numbing: TargetCool saves patient and clinic time as it offers instant numbing of treatment area compared to topical anesthesia
  3. Consistent & reproducible results: TargetCool employs dual IR temperature sensors and a sophisticated regulation module to ensure that target points reach the preset temperature accurately and swiftly
  4. Cleaner results & less downtime: TargetCool significantly reduces the incidence of bleeding, swelling, and bruises during and after injections thanks to cold-induced vasoconstriction and CO2 moderation of pro-inflammatory factors,
  5. Synergistic rejuvenation: TargetCool uses CO2 as the cryogen of choice over other options as CO2-induced Bohr effect, which increases tissue oxygenation, speeds recovery, and provides synergistic rejuvenation action.
  6. Utmost purity: While medical grade gases only require 99.5% purity, TregtCool cartridges come with 99.9% pure CO2 with an additional filtering stage in the device itself to eliminate any possible contaminants
  7. Sterilization of injection sites: High-pressure CO2 has been used in sterilization for years and TargetCool low temperature & high-pressure spray help deactivate many organisms at injection sites
  8. Versatile applications: In addition to numbing, TargetCool can be used for lesions removal, dry ice rejuvenation, soothing after energy-based devices & managing inflammatory conditions like eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, and Inflammatory hair-loss
  • Applications:
  1. Localized cold anesthesia with injectables and energy-based devices
  2. Dry ice rejuvenation
  3. Managing eczema & other inflammatory conditions
  4. Cryosurgery and lesions removal
  • Package includes:
TargetCool Device + 10 Cartridges + 10 Filters + 10 Guards



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