TargetCool Cartridges Box

TargetCool Cartridges Box
TargetCool Cartridges Box
TargetCool Cartridges Box
TargetCool Cartridges Box

TargetCool Cartridges Box

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Disposable consumables kit for TargetCool containing pressurized CO2 cartridges, filters and contact guards


The kit encompasses all that is needed to conduct effective and reliable ColdInjections or cryotherapy presented in an elegant package that is ideal to showcase a premium treatment.
  • Features:
1. Biocompatibility all the way:
Cartridges are made of aluminium to prevent any chance of rusting and manufactured using harmless body gel technique to avoid any industrial contaminants
2. Utmost purity:
While medical grade gases only require 99.5% purity, TregtCool cartridges come with 99.9% pure CO2 with an additional filtering stage in the device itself to eliminate any possible contaminants
3. Optimal sealing:
Exclusive 0.1 micrometre inline filter that grants particulate-free spray while providing perfect sealing to preclude any leakage
4. Immaculate application:
Although the guards can be cleaned using alcohol swaps, the inclusion of 10 skin guards per kit ensures the use of clean & shiny guards with every patient 
  • Package includes:
10 disposable cartridges 
10 filters
10 skin guards
  • Applications:
1. Localized cold anaesthesia with injectables and energy-based devices
2. Dry ice rejuvenation
3. Managing eczema & other inflammatory conditions
4. Cryosurgery and lesions removal
  • Usage & Storage:
1. Cartridges should be stored at a temperature that doesn’t exceed 27℃ 
2. Using cartridges with a temperature above 27℃ may cause overspray and risk side effects




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