Spectra XT (Preowned)

Spectra q-switched laser
Spectra q-switched laser
Spectra q-switched laser
Spectra q-switched laser

Spectra XT (Preowned)

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Demo unit. Spectra is a Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser that provides four modalities: 532, short & long pulse 1064nm, & Q-ptp for a wide range of rejuvenation & pigmentation treatments



  • Warranty: 12 months Standard Warranty.
  • Type: Demo unit - Pulse counter: 60k
  • Model: 2016
  • Package includes: delivery & installation + clinical training + marketing startup kit + access to digital service & eLearning applications.


  • Technology: Q-switched Nd:YAG


  • Modalities:
  1. Q-switched 532, 1064nm mode: Used for skin toning, epidermal & dermal pigments, carbon laser peeling, & tattoos.
  2. Long pulse 1064nm mode: Use for collagen remodeling in skin rejuvenation treatments.
  3. Q-ptp mode: divides pulse into 2 micropulses to enhance tolerability in patients with sensitive skin.


  • Features:
  1. Consistent peak power: Spectra has the narrowest pulse duration window of 5-10 ns that ensures consistent results and void the fluctuation in results that occurs with wider pulse duration windows.
  2. Not your standard carbon peel: Only with Spectra peel, the 300 μs long pulse mode heats the carbon which stimulates collagen formation & vibrates the carbon particles resulting in a deeper absorption for more dead skin peeling.
  3. Uniform heat distribution: The homogenous beam profile of Spectra ensures even distribution of heat across the treated area. This is achieved by OLT (Optimum lattice technology), the new generation of the traditional 'Top Hat Beam' technology.
  4. Short 20 mins session: With its 10 mm spot size, Spectra is 37% faster than competitor devices that use 8 mm as their largest spot size. This enables treating more patients per day & generates more revenue.


  • Applications: Hair bleaching, skin rejuvenation, carbon laser peeling, pigmented lesions, tattoos removal, enlarged pores, inflammatory acne.


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